We All Stand Together: Giving To Charity


In 2006 the Rupert and the Frog Song website started a scheme to provide money for children’s charity Barnardo’s. Over the past decade the site has raised £100’s for this great charity, simply by fans of Rupert and the Frog Song existing!

Thousands of people visit this site every week to re-live their childhood, so it was about time we gave something back to the children of today. More than thirty years on since 1984, the line ‘We All Stand Together’ still rings true, and so in good old frog song fashion it was thought wise to see what this website could do to benefit the real children rather than just the adults who are children at heart.

After receiving many emails on a weekly basis from fans wanting to know where and how they can purchase the DVD for the classic cartoon, we set up an Amazon Associate account whereby up to 10% of any purchase from the items listed on our site will go directly to Barnardo’s.

For the charitable donation to take place (at no extra cost to yourself) the product must be purchased by clicking the relevant Amazon.co.uk links on this site. If you go straight to the Amazon.co.uk website to buy the product Barnardo’s will not benefit.

About Barnardo’s

Barnardo’s was set up in 1867 and works with the most vulnerable children and young people, helping them transform their lives and fulfil their potential. They are the UK’s leading children’s charity, supporting 120,000 children and their families through 370 services in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Barnardo’s helps children, young people and their families over the long term to overcome the most severe disadvantages – problems like abuse, homelessness and poverty – and to tackle the challenges of disability.

Visit their website: www.barnardos.org.uk

Make a donation to Barnardo’s today by clicking here