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Film Synopsis

The unique thing about ‘Rupert and the Frog Song’ is that you don’t have to be a fan of Rupert the Bear or Paul McCartney to appreciate the full glory of this short little ditty.

It’s difficult to put a finger on exactly what makes this such a special piece of film, but it has definitely made its mark in pop culture history. Next to the Beatles, this is probably the biggest thing Paul McCartney is famous for. Ask the average Joe on the street to sing a Paul McCartney song and more than likely out of their mouth will come “Bom, Bom, Bom”.

On top of everything, what makes this so special is its ability to appeal to the young as much as the old. It’s got a comforting sense of innocence tagged along with humour, great music and an iconic figure (Rupert). Looking back after 20 years since its release, there is also a sense of relief to see the basic drawing design that most of us grew up with, rather than the computer animated cartoons of the present day.

So what is the story all about?

Well it all starts in what seems to be the attic of Paul McCartney’s house. He is searching through an old trunk that is full of magazines and annuals, ranging from ‘Hundreds of things a Boy Can Make’ to ‘Heroes of the Sea’. But then down below all this rubble is the golden egg…the 1958 Rupert the Bear Annual. Paul takes it out, blows the dust off, which whisks off like magic fairy dust, showing all the colours of the rainbow enriched with a golden powder. The annual is opened and so the historic music begins, as does the story…


It all starts with Rupert about to go off to the hills for a walk. His mother wraps his famous coloured scarf around his white neck and tells him to “keep well wrapped as there’s a chill in the air”. Straight away the morals for the children are there, “You be careful son and take notice of what your mother tells you” says Rupert’s father.

For the Rupert fans old faces Edward and Bill are there to greet Rupert before his historic venture. While being given the offer to join Rupert both decline using shopping and babysitting as excuses.

So off to the hills Rupert goes, being followed by fly’s and bugs as he wonders through the long grass. While resting on a tree Rupert takes in the beautiful surroundings of the countryside. A butterfly lands on his shoe, so Rupert helps it fly away up high, only to find he is soon surrounded by hundreds more, when what originally seemed to be the leaves on the tree, are actually butterfly’s swarming around until they fly away, leaving a bare tree stump and branches. Making the most of his encounter with nature, Rupert chases after them. While gone, an evil looking owl perches on the tree stump with red glowing eyes. At the bottom of the tree appears two of the owl’s accompanists; the cats.